Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Of buttons, buttocks and shako cords

Here's another battalion based up for Napoleon At War. These guys are the 2nd Light Battalion of the King's German Legion as they appeared at Waterloo. Minis are from Newline Designs, and are a mix of their British light infantry and riflemen. As far as I can tell, no-one makes a 2nd Lt KGL miniature in 18-20mm. As the Battalion wore a collection of hand-me-downs from the British rifles and their own distinctive equipment, some minor converting was required.
1. Lace was filed off the front of the light infantry to make the jackets appear more like the coatees worn by the riflemen.
2. The long tails of the light infantry minis were dremelled off, resulting in a couple of evenings spent delicately reshaping 20mm buttocks.
3. Shako cords were painstakingly made from very thin green-stuff and delicately looped around various shakos and miriltons (or however the hell its spelled).

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