Tuesday, 25 November 2014

And now for something completely different...

With the new release of DBA 3.0 (finally), I decided it was time to round out the Early Imperial Romans I painted up in a vain attempt to get my other half into the game. I never bothered to make a camp or any terrain for them, so it's time to remedy that. Therefore, here is the camp followers element. Minis are from Corvus Belli. Reasonably nice sculpts, if a little cartoony.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

British Heavy Cavalry

Some more Napoleon at War stuff, this time some British heavy cav, deployed as the vanguard in the 'Attack at Dusk' scenarion. We played 3000pts aside on a 5' x 8' table, fighting our way to a scrappy draw at the end of turn 5 when we called it a day.
6th Dragoons in front, 1st at the back and the Scots Greys in the village to the left keeping the Fench at arms length

The French perspective on the deployment.

The situation before turn 1. French deployed in strength on the left of shot, with the Scots Greys scarpering back down the road before they get caught in march column and eaten alive.

The rest of my photos from the game turned out very poorly unfortunately: Suffice to say that the village in the middle sucked in a lot of both sides' efforts, and dusk falling in the second turn made for a very grinding game. Neither side was able to capitalize on success. Oh, and my divisional commander got whacked whilst leading a charge that scattered some French Dragoons and put a heavy artillery battery to the sword. So he went down swinging.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Brigade will advance....

Here is some 18mm stuff that I recently (finally) got based up for Napoleon at War. This is the 5th British Brigade as they appeared at Waterloo.

Complete Brigade: 2/30th, 33rd, 2/69th, 2/72nd of Foot

Bayonets fixed, colours flying, bands playing and all that.


MAJGEN Sir Colin Halkett, KCB. He was wounded four times at the battle. Which is a pretty rough day at the office.

This shows the labels I've been using for Napoleon at War and Flames of War.

Friday, 12 September 2014

I has blog

So, I've started this blog thing in a vain attempt to get more painting done. After all, if a non-existant audience of niche enthusiasts can't motivate me to get more done, nothing can.

So to kick off, here are some photos of some Dystopian Wars stuff that I've done previously. The Imperium airship picked up 3rd place in the Cancon 2013 painting comp (I was soundly and deservedly beaten by a couple of stunning Elf-looking single minis).


 Bit of silvering around those iron cross decals unfortuantely, despite being drowned in decal setting solution.