Sunday, 12 October 2014

British Heavy Cavalry

Some more Napoleon at War stuff, this time some British heavy cav, deployed as the vanguard in the 'Attack at Dusk' scenarion. We played 3000pts aside on a 5' x 8' table, fighting our way to a scrappy draw at the end of turn 5 when we called it a day.
6th Dragoons in front, 1st at the back and the Scots Greys in the village to the left keeping the Fench at arms length

The French perspective on the deployment.

The situation before turn 1. French deployed in strength on the left of shot, with the Scots Greys scarpering back down the road before they get caught in march column and eaten alive.

The rest of my photos from the game turned out very poorly unfortunately: Suffice to say that the village in the middle sucked in a lot of both sides' efforts, and dusk falling in the second turn made for a very grinding game. Neither side was able to capitalize on success. Oh, and my divisional commander got whacked whilst leading a charge that scattered some French Dragoons and put a heavy artillery battery to the sword. So he went down swinging.

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  1. Fantastic looking tabletop. Epic action by the Brit boss as well.