Monday, 5 January 2015

30 points of pure Dutch fury

Happy 2015. Here's  a Dutch militia battalion for Napoleon at War. Minis by Man at War. I've done a bunch of their British stuff, and I think these are a better quality sculpt than those. There are still some issues (particularly with flash around the feet for some reason), but I still think MaW's minis have something of an 'x factor' that other manufacturers around this scale don't have. Perhaps it's the lack of uniformity: You have dudes looking left and right checking there spacing or yelling orders, some guys out of step and so on. Makes for some gentle variation that looks good on the table.

For those time when you feel that the sheer firepower and marksmanship
of French conscripts is over-powered....

The flag is less red in real life. My ability to manipulate
 photos is about on par with a chimp.

View of labels, and funky calf-skin haversacks. Also, given their amazingly poor
stats, probably the view of them that the enemy will be seeing a lot of.


  1. Lots of detail on those. Really good result. Cheers

  2. I love those labels - what a wonderful idea! What size is that typeface?

    Lovely painting, mate...

    1. Hi AD. Thanks. I'm in the middle of moving house, because but once I've dug out the computer I'll check on the font and size.

    2. Update: The labels are done on an excel spreadsheet. Cells are height 8, width 10. Font is Monotype Corsiva 6 point, with the 'shrink to fit' option selected in cell formatting.